We Got a New Bathroom and Kitchen

My husband and I purchased a home a few months ago. It was definitely the fixer upper that was advertised, but we didn’t mind the work because we were able to get the house for a steal. I thought that we would end up renting it out, but it had so much potential that I wanted it for myself. I knew that I would need to hire an interior remodeling in Bergen County NJ to redo a few rooms, mainly the kitchen and bathroom. The living room and bedrooms were fine as they were after a good cleaning, but I definitely wanted to redo the bathroom and kitchen completely.

The kitchen looked like it could have been in a film from the 1940s, and the bathroom was not much better than that. My husband and I knew that we would not be able to do the work that would be needed to make both rooms look great, so we started looking online for a company that would be able to do both renovation projects. We just thought it would be easier to have just one company doing them, and it did not take us very long to find the company that we wanted to use.

As soon as I started looking at some of the pictures of their renovation projects on their website, I knew that they were the company that I wanted to create brand new rooms in our own home. I liked so many things from a number of pictures, and I was able to create exactly what we wanted just from their pictures. When I showed them what I wanted, I was happy with the estimate that I was given, both with the amount it would cost as well as the amount of time it would take to get them both done. They came in just under on both accounts, and I could not be more satisfied!