The Salon Was the Highlight of My Day

I decided to get my nails done as a birthday gift to myself. I did a search for acrylic nails in Singapore because I had no idea where to go. I was only there for six weeks on a work project, so I really did not know anyone. I did not want to spend my birthday all alone in my hotel, so I picked out a few things that I knew I would enjoy. First on the list was acrylic nails, then a nice dinner, then a theater show that I heard was really good.

I found a nail salon that was only a few blocks from my hotel, and I saw that it had really good reviews. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment, and I was thrilled that they could take me that same day. When I told them I wanted acrylics done, they asked if I wanted to do a combo manicure and pedicure as there was a special on them at the time. Normally I don’t agree to something like that, but I figured that this was a special occasion, so why not.

When I got there, the nail technician introduced herself. She was very pleasant, and it was interesting to talk with her. She gave me some suggestions on things I could do in the area since I still had a few weeks left to be there. She explained everything she was doing as she did it too, which I thought was really nice since I had neither procedure done before. I was so happy when it was done because I just never expected it to look as good as they did. I even went out and bought new shoes so I could show off my fancy pedicure. The rest of the day went great too, but the salon was definitely the highlight for me.