Moved Down to Corpus Cristi

Moved down to Corpus Cristi the other day. I was hoping to find a place on the beach, or at least close enough so that I could walk out there and go pier fishing in the morning and after I get home from work. I already started checking out the energy providers in Texas that I can pick from, because I have the opportunity to decide which one I want. Right now the place is served by Ambit energy and I guess that is as good of a choice as any, but the last tenant is paying for them. Apparently I moved in before they cut the power off and the landlord told me they would probably come around and disconnect the juice at some point in the coming days. I am not really all that concerned about it at this point, because I have way too much other stuff for my time to be taken up with this moment.

The weather has been really hot since I got down here and the girls have been out on the beach. I was definitely out there checking it out. For the past few months I have been living up in the middle of nowhere, working in the Alberta oil sand fields.This is the same sort of oil fields services work, but the weather is going to be a lot better for me. I figure that I can manage the warm weather down here this winter, a lot better than I could take another Canadian Winter. I spent last winter in various parts of the Canadian Wilderness and I was not looking forward to another like it. Of course it was a pretty bad winter and it is always a bad winter up in that part of the world. It is not cold here.