Just Starting My First Job

I am finally out of school and after a month and a half of looking I have found a job. It is not what I was hoping for, nor really that close to what I was hoping for and it is not where I would have liked for it to be. Right now I am really hoping that I can find a good affordable Sandy Springs Georgia apartment. So far that is not looking like it is going to be a practical idea. I am short on cash at the moment and I probably have to get a short term loan of some sort if I want to avoid living in my car. Of course the problem is that I do not know anyone who would make a good candidate to be a roommate. That would be the best solution to the problem that I have, although I would still have less money than I need to make it on my own.

In fact I was checking out a couple of places and in all of them they have ranges of how much you would pay in rent for various sized apartments. The one bedroom apartments start out at around 850$ and they go up to over a thousand dollars per months. Either way it is more than I can afford, but the thing is that you get a two bedroom place for only a couple hundred dollars more per month. A three bedroom place is only going to be another couple hundred dollars more than a two bedroom place. So when you think about it you want to have other people to split the cost of the place with you. The problem is that it can not just be any random person. You have to have a person who will be there with their share of the rent.