I Spent the Day on a Temporary Job

I needed the money and so I am not complaining too much, but it would not really break my heart if I ended up with a different job tomorrow. The one I had today was just not any fun at all. I got sent off this job site, I was working for Ruiz Morgan who was doing commercial appliance repair in Oklahoma. He drove me and these other two guys up to the job in a pickup truck and introduced us to the guy who was running the job. He seemed like he had a whole lot of things going on and he was not really thrilled at the sight of me or these other guys. Obviously he had stuff to do and we were not all that much help compared to the guys that he had lost. No one was telling me much, but it became clear eventually what was going on.

Apparently the guy who was the foreman now had just got promoted. The guy who had had the job before him and gone off and started up his own roofing company. Of course when you start up a new company you usually try to hire guys you already know and guys who you are already able to trust to do their jobs the right way. So this guy let and he took some of the most experienced people with him, but they still had jobs to do and they needed guys to do it. I get the feeling they are just going to go back to the temp place over and over again, getting new guys to try out until they find some who can take it. Of course right now they were trying me and these other guys like pack animals, because someone has to get stuff up on the roof.