Great Outdoor Play Equipment for Children

I would like to buy some tree houses to put in my back yard for my kids to play on. I want to get some pretty nice, but I do not know what sort of options are out there today. I want to look around and find out what sorts of different play equipment models are available. I am hoping that I will get something that my kids will enjoy playing on for many years to come, and that is probably the most important aspect when picking out what to buy.

I might have to try and narrow it down to a couple of likely products that I am thinking about buying, and then show my kids pictures of all of them. That way, I will be able to gauge their opinions on the different models, and select one that they like the most, or one that is favorably viewed by all of them. I have 5 kids right now, so it is probably going to be hard to get them to form a unanimous decision on this matter.

However, one problem with taking this approach to picking out a type of outdoor play equipment to buy is that it would ruin any potential surprise. I really did want to surprise my kids with this play equipment, because I know that they have not had the most stuff to play on outside recently. About six months ago, we moved to this house, and we have a nice yard and such, but there is not much in the yard yet. I tend to change that soon, and I hope that I am able to buy a product that my kids will love. I remember having a lot of run as a kid on the play equipment that was in my parents’ yard.