Getting the House Ready to Move into

Timber Flooring, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast FlooringWe had a devil of a time getting the bank to stop being a great big pain in the butt about it, but we finally have the old house sold and we are getting the new house ready to move into. We decided that there was not any point in moving into the place until it was going to really meet our needs. To start with we needed to put an addition on the house. I got a great deal on a contractor who also does timber floor sanding in brisbane. He does a few different things and what this amounts to is job that would give us about one sixth more area in the house. The place had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We decided that we needed another shower and two more bedrooms. So we are going to make the house another twenty six feet long. In fact this part of the house is going to have a flat roof on it and instead of putting a roof on it, we are going to make it into a greenhouse on the second floor.

Of course that is going to take some time, but they are already working on the place and for now we are fine living with Meg’s parents. Or rather we are living in their place while they are on a cruise to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. They should fly home from Singapore a few days after we get moved into the place, if you assume that everything is going to go according to schedule. I have a backup plan even if it does not go that well. We have already began to move things over there however. Much of it is stacked up in the garage waiting for the workmen to finish up their work.