Get Rid of the Dish for Cable

Looking for Time Warner cable service area was easier thanks to your website. I was ready to finally give up satellite television, when the service guy game out to my house to work on the dish and ended up shorting out my HDTV. It was a nightmare; I had to fight tooth and nail with the company to finally get them to pay for my television. It was such a beautiful 50 inch HDTV and I still don’t know today what the guy did to cause my TV to short out. The company finally agreed he must have caused an electrical surge when he was working on the dish on top of the roof.

So after going on this horrible journey for three months, I knew I could no long stand giving my money to them. It was my parents that reminded me of Time Warner cable services. They have had it for many years and love it. But I wasn’t sure they would be available in my area. Sometimes there are only a few cable providers and you end up having to chose the lesser of the two evils.

Thanks to your website I was able to find that indeed Time Warner was available in my area. Another thing I wanted to check out was their internet cable. I had heard their cable speeds would put regular DSL to shame. I sometimes work from home with my job, so it would be very helpful to have a fast internet speed. Now that I have a faster internet speed, I have decided to work two or three days at home. Plus I was also able to get a good deal on digital phone service too. I will never go back to satellite television again. Why would anyone want to go down that road again?