Contacting a Lawyer for a Potential Divorce

I do not really know what to do right now, and I am struggling with a decision that weighs heavily upon me. I have found out that my husband has had an affair, and I tried to forgive him at first, but I am beginning to think that it is not with in my ability to do so. I am depressed, and I think that I should look for contact info for divorce lawyers in maryland as I think it would be a good time for me to get into contact with an attorney.

I do not want to end our marriage, but I am not sure that I have a choice about it. I would not subject my children, or my husband, to living in a broken home, if I am not able to forgive him, and let him earn back my trust. If I could just flip a switch, and restore my trust of him, then I would do so. However, it does not appear that my heart is wired to forgive, when it is this grievously wounded.

I need more time to think about the decision, before I actually act on getting a divorce. I think that is what it is going to have to come to, even if I am trying to trick myself to think otherwise. I guess I am really just conflicted, and part of me wants to keep my happy life, and just try to forget the whole thing. However, if I were to forget the whole thing, what real assurance could he possibly give me that he would not cheat again? I do not think there is anything he could do really make me believe that he would stay faithful. Sadly, that is why I think our marriage is about to come to an end.