Competition in Academics and the Job Market Can Be Brutal

I have never been a competitor. My idea of a better world was to have opportunities for everyone to excel to the best of their abilities without needing a proving ground. However, I also understand that we manage what we have, and there are just not enough resources and time to give equal chances. Competition weeds out those who are unmotivated as well as those who cannot perform at the expected level. Harsh but true. This is why it was important for my wife and I to get JC physics tuition for our son when he was starting to lag a bit in his grades. We know how smart he is, and we wanted to equip him with all the tools he needed in order to succeed.

He has inherited the low desire to compete that I have. It has always been a struggle for me. I get no satisfaction in beating another person. However, there is brutal competition nowadays in academics and the job market. I would not be able to stand it if I had to go through it all again. We helped our son get the tutoring he needed to naturally beat out the others for honors at school and when he would be filling out applications and sending in his resumes for jobs later on. We have all seen people who can do some very difficult things with apparent ease. It takes years of education and practice to get to that level of ease in performance. The JC physics tuition was helping equip our son with what he needed to excel in any exam in the science of physics.

He has a brilliant mind. I know that all parents say that about their children. His testing and academic record proved it. The only area where he lacked was in physics. The tutoring fixed all that and got him to the top of the performance record for his school in the area of physics.