Cleaning Crew Did Such a Good Job We Kept Them on Permanently

We clean up after meals and do some extra work around the house on our days off. However, we needed to have a thorough cleaning done, but we could never find the time to get into the project. So, we just kept sweeping and mopping up and dusting as we went along. I wanted the carpets scrubbed and every nook and cranny cleaned well. The furniture needed moved and cleaned and everything. My wife looked online for spring cleaning in Singapore, and we found a cleaning service that would come out and do the entire job of cleaning our house from top to bottom.

We are now super-organized and have everything cleaned up to the degree that it would meet the expectations of my brother in the military. I am so pleased at the results. Spring cleaning in Singapore is easy when you have professional cleaning staff doing the work for you. I only need to supervise the things that were being done the first time. The ladies doing the work were busy and could clean anything and everything. Everything was scrubbed, cleaned, dusted and polished. Nothing was left untouched in the house. I have never seen it this clean. Not even the day we moved in.

I was so pleased with their work that I contracted for the house to be kept up on a weekly basis. This has been a great choice. No cleaning chores are left undone now to pile up. There is a schedule for keeping everything clean in the house. They even mind the backs of furniture and other areas that can gather dust over time. The cleaning schedule gets the routine stuff done and the other cleaning chores that only needs occasional attention done too. I am keeping them on for cleaning our house. They do a much better job than I can at it.