Asheville NC Was the First Place That Felt Like Home

I really liked traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway one summer with my wife. It was magnificent to see the beautiful scenery. We traveled in a camper van and had a great time. We went through Asheville and stayed a few days in a campground. It was at the end of our trip that we decided we wanted to visit Asheville again. There was something about the area that felt like home to us. Well, the next summer we found ourselves renting a nice apartment in Asheville NC. We signed a year’s lease without even quibbling about it. We work for a software company that is way out on the west coast. We see the people there in person about once a year. We can work from Asheville as easily as we could work using the Wi-Fi at a coffee shop. There are a lot of us out there that are part of a mobile workforce. Not that the companies move us, but that we can move ourselves anywhere and still do the work we are paid to do.

I got my first at-home job because I could type fast. I was self-studying computers and software development and doing data entry from home to earn a paycheck. As my skills developed, I took some computer engineering courses. I finally got a bachelors degree, but never did go for a masters. I just worked my way up in a software company. I would do some segment coding at first. Then I worked on projects I would develop much on my own. As broadband Internet and computer processors developed, it was even easier to work from home. So, my wife and I would travel in our camper van a lot, and I would work as we explored. Asheville was the first place that seemed like home. We rented the apartment and felt at home. We liked the space, the amenities and the people. We now have big closets, a nicely appointed kitchen and room to stretch our legs without bumping into each other. So we rented the apartment, sold the camper van and bought a Subaru.