An Unexpected Dirty Job in NJ

I was distraught after losing my job last summer as I was unable to find a replacement as quickly as I hoped. With my savings dwindling more quickly than I anticipated, I had to make a decision on a job. Any job. I was living on Ramen like it was college all over again so I turned to a friend for advice and help. She suggested that I could work for her as a house cleaner in Bergen County NJ. House cleaning? I didn’t know how to respond at first – I’ve never been the greatest cleaner but after telling me how much I could make, I was more than happy to agree.

I had no idea that house cleaners could make this kind of cash. I am seriously making more money than I did at my last job and even if the work isn’t glorious or doing something important for society, I’m content with that. I admit that I went into the gig believing that it was going to be pretty easy but quickly discovered that it’s a lot more difficult than anticipated. Part of that is working in confined places like bathrooms! For one of my clients I often find myself spending over an hour in their glass shower alone trying to get it perfectly clean.

But at the end of the day when I’m walking out with $100 to $200 bucks in my pocket, I’m happy. It’s pretty incredible just how many people out there have no desire to clean their own homes. I get it, though. My last job kept me too busy to clean my place sometimes and if I had thought about it I would have hired my own house cleaner. My mom would even be proud of me knowing how well I can clean a shower now!